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Is this too much? Heaviest in the world?

When I woke up this morning, as soon as I sat up i lost blood (I'm on my period) I didn't think it was much until I went to the toilet to change the pad from a night to day one to discover there was blood all over the pad, my underwear and it had soaked through to my pyjamas. It looked at least 100ml of blood. Some was on the floor and down my leg too. I had been to the loo a couple of hours earlier and there was a lot then too but not as much.

I had a baby almost 7 months ago and didnt have a c-section or tears, I had recovered in 5 weeks. I have had heavy periods all my life however my flow has appeared to have doubled in volume since having my baby. I can lose up to 500ml now when before it was measured (using a collection cup) at around 250-260ml. I do feel more tired and the cramps are a nightmare. Could I have developed a condition causing this? And is this level of blood loss normal?

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    The amounts you give here don't sound correct.

    The average flow is 35ml with anything over 80ml being considered heavy - I can lose between 180ml-380ml but there's no way in hell I'd be able to use a pad as such a heavy flow would go through ultra absorbency tampons, overnight pads, and clothing within 15 minutes. I'm assuming by 'collection cup' you mean a menstrual cup - then why are you using pads? Is today a light day?

    Obviously anything over 80ml medically speaking is considered abnormal, so if significantly heavier then you should seek treatment. There are various treatment options for heavy flow, personally for me a menstrual cup and tranexamic acid work fine to reduce my flow by up to half, but if your flow is as heavy as you're saying here you may want to consider other options. I'd recommend against hormonal options, instead first talk to your doctor about tests to rule out serious problems like endometriosis, blood clotting disorders or anaemia, then look into options such as uterine artery embolisation to reduce the density of your uterus lining so reducing flow.

    I suggest reading this overview, and treatment options -

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