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I've never had a bf before?

I've never had like an official "boyfriend" I've like "talked" to a few guys before and I've had serious feelings before, but never a serious relationship. Most of my serious feelings were long distance and I never met them in person... Well there's this guy I like and he likes me and I think he might ask me to be his gf and he has had girlfriends before and I guess I'm just nervous because its a new experience and he is already experienced, but my question is like what am I supposed to do as a gf? I mean i want to be a good one.. I'm just not experienced I don't know what's nessecarily good and bad?

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    I had my first boyfriend back in Grade 12. I would say that in order to be a good girlfriend, you would have to be honest about many things. You also need to be supportive of him because it will make him feel good. Don't get too clingy, though. If he wants to hang out with friends of his once in a while, let him. Hope this helps!


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    Well you should just start by talking to him a lot and just always be there for him. You should just joke around with him and flirt and stuff, then for like Christmas, his birthday, and Valentines Day mainly, you should get him a present. If you guys go out on a date, then just be yourself and what not. I know it mightsound hard or complicated or whatever, but it really isn't. It's quite simple actually. Hope this helped! :)

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    Just make him smile and laugh. make him want to be with you and since its for first boyfriend do not let him presser you into doing anything you don't want to.

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