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Serious Question for yahoo answers?

I worked foundries and steel mills my whole life. 3 months ago I started to feel real tired ,weak and just out of it. molten steel and being out of it don't mix. I went the doctor and had a blood test done. the doctor called back 3 days later told me to a hospital asap. he I was in full pituitary gland failure. I am getting shots of large doses of hydrocortisone, some other steroids and said I have Addisons disease on border of crisis. what am looking for is who is experience with this and what is coming?


please no bull plop answers

Update 2:

feel free to e-mail me as well

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    Yahoo Answers is such a generic site with such broad appeal that getting good, specific input on such an uncommon condition is unlikely. You might be better off finding and joining an Addison's disease support group site, where you will be certain of finding people who know and understand what you are going through. Try some of the groups here.


    If that doesn't work for you, just search on "Addison's disease support groups" for some places to try.

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