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Most boring NFL draft ever?

Will this year's NFL draft be the most boring one ever, given the lack of any projected franchise QB and lack at other offensive skill positions? I mean, it's going to be really exciting if you can't wait to see your team draft that new tackle or right guard, but other than that ....

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    This draft lacks elite talent at sexy positions, but as a fan of a team that needs OL and secondary, since this draft is deep at those spots, it kinda works for me.

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    There are a lot of really good OL prospects (Luke Joeckel, Chance Warmack, Eric Fisher)

    But i realize OL isnt the most dynamic position on the field and there aint much in the way of QB's, RB's etc.

    I think Dee Milliner is one exciting player in the draft class.. Another is Sharrif Floyd

    But its nothing like last years draft

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    8 years ago

    The draft is all about hoping that your favorite team gets the players necessary to help improve the team and propell them to success. I know the fans love the 1st overall quarterbacks and things like that, but if your team doesn't need a QB, then why get one?

    Source(s): Look at the draft like a puzzle. The team isn't complete until all the right pieces are found.
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    I'd rather see my team take a good offensive lineman than a WR. I don't get it. Flashy players make the draft funner? how? Seriously how?

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  • 8 years ago

    I actually love this draft. Deep at CB, WR, S, O-Line, and D-line. Which us Panthers need.

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    no good players at the skill positions. but next year will have so many good qbs

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    8 years ago

    It may well be.

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    challenging subject. research with google. just that might help!

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