Do I move on???? Or go?

Hello Lades & gentlemen!!!

I'm 21, and i believe/ feel like I received a calling for the pass 2yrs to contact a guy, that i use to talk to in Highschool. For the last year and half, I've been coming up with different reasons why i SHOULDN'T contact him {I may look ridiculous contacting him 3 years later, he's probably moved on in his life, etc} This feeling is something I can no longer ignore! and trust me I've tried!!!! I been going back and fourth with myself, whether this "calling" "feeling" is true. I'm a young lady that grew up without a father, so "I've been worrying, the longing for my father, and him not being there, is drawing me to contact this young man! I've been dealing with these thoughts for to long, and I'm at the point I just want an ANSWER!!! I scared of rejection, so that as a huge part, on why i didn't contact him. I scared of being hurt!!! I knew he liked me alot in high school. But Liked i mentioned before 3yrs has gone by!!! But IDK guys. This young man no longer has a Facebook, and has changed his phone number. I have his number, but i think it would be kinda wired, contacting someone on a number, they never provided you with! I'm just looking for some kind of guidance!!!

Thanks in advance,

Lost Girl

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    go for it, kill the urge and be brave ... or u rather live the not knowing... who cares if u call him out of the blue , just say hi, introduce yourself be honest and see where it leads u. trust me u wont regret it! good luck and just do it!

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    Do you maybe have some mutual friends that you can call and ask about him. Like find out if he is seeing anyone and what he has been up to since high school. Maybe you could throw a little party and invite him and some other people you graduated with and invite him.Or you could call him and say you are putting together a news letter for the class of what ever year you graduated in and was wondering if he could help you with some addresses of people from your class. That would open up a line of communication for you with him.

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    You'll never know if you never try.

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