Why did he smile when he saw me?

There is this really cute guy that I always see when I go to the gym. He is a personal trainer and I once had a session with him (about getting a toned body). He just told me what I should do but never told me anything. Instead he said that he would teach me if I had a session with him. Today he was coming out of the gym and I was going towards the gym. We passed by each other. He looked at me and he smiled. I looked at him and I stared away. Why did he smile?


I usually wear leggings and a tank top. Today I was wearing yoga pants, a thin strap tank top, and a cardigan on top. I am not showing too much skin.

Update 2:

He's a personal trainer so I am intimidated by him. He has a really fit body.

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  • 8 years ago
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    He probably smiled just as a way of saying 'hey' it makes no difference what you wear...

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