Do you think I should ask to sit with them?

Ok so Im a junior in high school and I really struggle with my social life. I have two really good friends outside of school but that's it. In 9th grade I used to belong to this group of friends but then they started to make plans, not invite me and then talk about it in front of me. I suppressed my feelings until last year I cracked. I decided enough was enough and stopped talking to them and they didnt seem to give two sh*ts. But ever since, Ive been so lonely. I only made a few friends, but they are all seniors and none are in my lunch period. Two of my exfriends from freshman year have 7th period lunch by me, but I dont sit in the cafeteria. I usually sit in the library and go on the computers or stay in the psych office and talk to the secretary, Lu. She's really nice, but lately Ive been so lonely and I just need some of my peers to be with. The exfriends still say hi to me in the hall, do you think I should ask to sit with them even if they treated me like crap other years?

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  • Alina
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    8 years ago
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    You should just ask and see how they act. It doesn't mean you have to commit to a life of sitting with them. If they act rude, just sit with someone else. Make new friends.

  • 8 years ago

    Well mabe if you get to know them you'r realize they may have changed. Go for it:)

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