Co-Workers suck, help?

So I obviously am 19 and work for a fast-food company. This is my second job, I came from a summer camp program as an assistant teacher. I've now been working with this company for almost five months now. None of the female workers have ever really liked me. They would teach me to do something wrong, ignore me, or make me do small petty things they wouldn't 'lower themselves' to do. But I figured it came with being the new girl and hoped they would start liking me. I always thought I was sweet, timid, and considerate. I do things for them all the time, even go across the street and buy them something if they need it. Like, my manager owes me $10 for buying her ice cream and juice, but instead I said that she would probably do the same for me one day. Well...not.

My hours have been cut from 25 a week to less than 15. But, the girl managers have seemed to warm up to me. One added me on Facebook, they started inviting me into their conversations and asking my opinion. Well, I thought they liked me.

They all talk **** behind each others back, and I always thought it was sad that they all believed they were like BFFs. And I realized that they were probably talking behind my back too. Two managers started talking about another, and they invited in another employee, saying how she was always so mad that the two of them worked so well together (the manager and employee, they share videos, sing, dance, and make jokes together all the time while working together). And I knew the manager, and she had told me that she didn't like when they worked together because it seemed like she wasn't there and was ignored. So they dragged me into the conversation, and started making fun of her saying that she would call her husband and whine that they were making jokes and being silly. They asked if I had heard anything. And I mentioned that she felt mistreated and didn't like that they would ignore her. They laughed, it was never spoken of again....until.

Two days ago. I walked into work, it was the manager that was spoken of and the manager and employee that got along so well. My manager called me over and said, "Lauren, did you tell (their names) that I didn't like working with them?" I felt my heart go cold and skip a beat, but I am horrible at lying (talking in general actually) so I responded saying, "Yes." and she went off asking why, and I responded by saying, "Those weren't my exact words, but I can see what I said hinted that you didn't like it" My other manager immediately jumped in and started calling me a liar, saying that I was changing my story. They ganged up on me. And then sent me away to clean the dinning room. So I did. 20 minutes later, I was sent on break. An hour after that, I was sent home. I got less than 3 hours of work that night. I asked to speak to my manager alone. So we went into the office, where I felt safe because other managers were not allowed to enter unless the door was open. I straight up told her I wasn't lying about it, and that I was sorry for repeating what I believed she had said. But the entire time I tried to say it, she interrupted me and barely let me speak, saying that I am lying because BOTH managers that were there when I said it told her those were my exact words (which I would never say). Only two minutes later, my other manager came in and yelled at me for not clocking out and told me to go home.

I had talked to my boy-friend about it, and he had said that my manager doesn't believe me and that things are going to get bad for me. This upcoming week, my hours have been cut again, to two days, and probably less than 10 hours. I understand that I probably need to find a new job, but until I find one, what can I do?

I do not believe the owner will care, and even if I did tell him and he cared, I feel like the other managers would hate me more. OR that there is more of them than me, and he would rather fire me than deal with them. I want to talk to the only manager that likes me about this, but I can never get him alone to talk to him. He seems to legitally care for the employees well being (he is married and happy).

I could really use some advice on how to get through this....I realize what I did was wrong and I am really sorry for it. Please help.

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  • 8 years ago
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    What was the bad thing you said in exact words.? Just talk to the other managers again and say that all the coversayion was online you guys were fine with it and I thought all was good,why are you all offended by it now? Like I think you are being to passive to the managers speak up more but appropriately if they make it your fault and its not just tell them. Don't accept blame because it makes you look guilty. Speak to two of the other managers seperate and tell them again that you don't think your hours should be cut because what you said was not even that bad.

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