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I have 2 weeks to learn how to double turn. Help!?

Dance tryouts are in 2 weeks and a new requirement is to double turn! How can i perfect this as well as my right splits? i feel so unprepared and ive wanted to tryout since forever. Please help me have a good freshman year!

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    Perfect your single pirouttes (turns) first. Just go in your kitchen or anywhere in your house that has hardwood flooring and practice, practice, practice! For your doubles make sure you are spotting or else you will lose your balance. Your arms should be strong in 1st position and make sure your foot that is off the ground doesn't sickle around your knee/leg. It should position itself in the crook of your knee. Also, make sure your releve (the foot that is on its tippy toes) is strong. Find a spot on a wall that you can find easily when you spot. As you turn, don't take your eyes off that spot. When you come to the point in the turn where you can't see it anymore, flick your head around so you can see it. I had to perfect/get my double piroutte in 1 week for Pom tryouts at my school. After practicing in my kitchen non stop, I did it! And I made the team! If I can do it, I'm sure you can too! As for your splits, all I have to say is STRETCH, STRETCH, STRETCH! But make sure you don't push yourself too hard or else you may pull a muscle... so be careful! Warm up your body before stretching by jogging in place or doing some jumping jacks. And don't force yourself down into the splits or any other stretch. Once you feel a light stretch, hold it for 30 seconds.

    Good luck at tryouts, dance your booty off and have fun!

    Source(s): I'm a dancer:) <3
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    I can almost do perfect triples and things I keep in mind are:

    - Engage Abs

    - Stay on a high releve

    - Spot (Stare at one spot and whip your head around to find that spot again)

    - Use your arms to help you get around (without winding up)

    - Stay upright and aligned

    - Use your plie to help you get around

    - Feel yourself connect to the floor

    - Push your shoulders down if they tend to rise during the turn.

    - Straighten the leg with your weight on it

    - Keep the bent leg high, don't let it come down until you've completely finished the turn.

    Good Luck

    Source(s): ME
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