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What are your opinions? What do you expect will happen?


Right so I do have some sympathy, in the fact their daughter was mauled to death. But she walked into a empty house with four loose dogs? Does no one else find that a little out of the ordinary? I for one would not walk into some one else property with out being accompanied by some one with in the house hold.

What really sickens me is the parents claim they are not blaming the breed - but the media mention banning off Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Bull Mastiffs? There was a Jack Russell that killed a new born child but I hadn't herd a single person mention it - it wasn't even on the television.

I understand that some of the people who want to own these dogs can be right scum, but if these people are not reputable in the first place. How are they going to enforce the microchipping, licensing, training courses and neutering? Surely they will find ways around it.

How would you feel about your doing being confiscated for protecting your property?

I would never expect my dogs to protect. I would hope they keep them selves out of dangers way, but I am sure many people would feel a lot different about this situation if this was a story of a burglar who had been mauled.

Do you reckon the petition will hit a 100,000 signatures?

Do you reckon any more breeds will be added to the dangerous dog list? - I hope not.


I am aware - I am more worried about potential future banning of these breeds?

Update 2:

I agree!

I would be heart broken to come home and find all my dogs dead, because a young girl walked into my property with out my permission. My dogs are my world.

If the dogs where of leash and in a public area I would feel very different about this situation, but they were secure with in the premises. I highly doubt the parents knew the girl was going to openly walk into their house.

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    Do people blame zookeepers if someone jumps into the lions' enclosure after hours when the keepers have gone home, and gets mauled?

    It's kind of ridiculous. I mean of course dogs aren't lions and they have been domesticated for years but should you put a good and trustworthy police dog in a house alone and someone goes enters the home without permission and gets bit, would we blame the officer who left it there?

    While I do agree that what happened is tragic and that people should be responsible for their pets, this is not an example of an incident where the owner was not responsible for their 4 dogs. What could the owner have done differently to have avoided this? Who could have predicted that a girl would enter their home? What are the chances?

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    I think its an incredibly sensitive topic. Humans are more often than not a very fickle sort- As humans we like to blame things, shout at things, find "reasons" for things and I'm afraid, in almost most cases, we tend to be a bit lazy in our search. This leads us to taking the easiest route- that of course being blaming the dog.

    Now obviously and quite evidently, I'm not excusing those dogs behaviour or their actions, they ARE at fault however, I do not believe the dogs are entirely to blame. Even with the most well mannered dogs you simply do not leave them unattended with children. It is a catastrophic cardinal sin to expect a child (who more than likely has absolutely no idea about how to read a dogs body language) to walk in a house with 3 very powerful breeds whilst holding a meat pie.

    As the owner of the household you should always ensure the safety of all those within your property. For pity sake, you even owe a legal duty of care to a burglar in your home. This is where they come into the firing line. It is not acceptable to have allowed that child to walk into that house unattended.

    Enforcing such a campaign will never be a completed process, it will be a battle for as long as they have the money and funding to fight those bad owners that will break the law on a regular basis.

    As for the petition, I'm of mixed minds as I believe more and more people outside of the government are seeing the true and lovely nature of completely balanced "dangerous" breeds however, at the end of the day, the public don't make the laws.

    Its a tragic incident however, it could have been avoided. It could have been avoided by not such a drastic action as banning more breeds but with a little bit of common sense and much more responsible parents/homeowners.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    Somebody sure fell short somewhere. People these days simply don't understand dogs. Humans are supposed to be the ones with the superior brains. Why then do we not get it that we are responsible for the way our dogs are managed and handled, and how they behave? The dogs are only dogs.

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    Not the dogs fault regardless of the breed, she was trespassing, which is the same as if it was a burglar. Where were the owners and why were the doors unlocked? That is where the owners were negligent.

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