I want leather sofa but dont like sticking to it?

I am looking for a leather sofa. Is the a good leather sofa that I wouldnt stick too. I live in fl but my home has a good dehumidifier so that wont be the issue. what brands or even types of leather would be good options.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    Hey there,

    I completely understand what you mean. I used to hate it when sofa's stuck to me if I was sweaty or the weather was humid. I had gone over to a friend's place who had a sofa that looked similar to mine but didn't stick. It was then I realized that only synthetics and imitation leather sticks while genuine leather never sticks.

    Genuine leather is expensive but it does have its perks. The only issue I have with leather sofas is that they absorb moisture and sweat. This isn't good as it would end up stinking after a while. The only way to get rid of it would be to leave it out in the sun for a while.

    Since you have a dehumidifier you shouldn't have a problem. Here's a link to some good Italian leather sofas.


  • Most of the people who has used the leather sofas has the same complain about it. But not all the leather sofas are like that so if you have tried the Italian leather sofas you may feel different on it. It was so easy to clean on it.

  • Gary C
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    8 years ago

    My experience is that I don't stick to sofas that are covered in real leather.

    It's imitation leather and other synthetics that tend to stick to my skin if I'm a little sweaty.

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