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I think I know who set the bomb off in Boston?

My best friend is a fire works expert and went to the Boston marathon. He said he would miss me which was kind of strange. I don't want to talk to my local police because they are already suspicious of me for making home made explosives and fireworks just for fun though. I have tried to call him on bolth of his phone numbers but they are bolts off. I need help.... I don't think he would ever do this but you never know!!!

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    You know what is funny that killers who are arrogant would do some stuff like this, I mean in my mind what if you really were involved maybe your just a troll, but it makes me wonder...when I was in Iraq my LT got blown up it is crazy after it happens I mean the way it looks it surreal like someone made the world go side ways it never leaves you from that day forward you are never okay I mean its a bomb the explosion is huge, from that day forward you realize that this actually happens and is real.

    You know if you are telling the truth you caused this, your "friend" caused this to happen people bled, when someone get hit with shrapnel they bleed forever especially if it a main vein I mean its like a busted pipe that leaks water except it is blood coming from there bodies, if they are awake when this happens they twitch they realize they are dying but they are frantic they want to live but they cant it is over, if they are alive but really badly hurt they still struggle there eyes are blank, they scream and for eternity their mind is wrecked.

    Speaking of a wrecked mind you hear my story its real really happened august 22nd 2004 mosul Iraq route sante fe, I never forget, and neither will these people so if this is a joke you are a piece if this is real then tell your "friend" to be an adult a man and turn himself in, he is weak for what reason would you do this no one will know and honestly no one will care but if he has a sack turn himself in for the people he killed, the 8 year old who no longer exist because of him you should be reported.

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    Why in the world would you come onto Yahoo answers and tell a bunch of absolute strangers?

    What "help" do you think you are going to get?

    Certainly nobody here is going to call for you.

    Call anonymously and give his name if you really think he's a possible suspect.

    Mail a note to the police department with no return address.

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    Tell the Cops NOW IN Boston

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    Why would you post this first of all? Wouldn't you want to tell someone!? There are so many people hurt and killed that you should be praying and if you have suspicion turn the son of a ***** in. That's just gruesome.

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    Tell five people first in case they kill youfor telling the truth.they may want to use this for another purpose, they lime to use tragedy for agendas.a 20 year old was the kid from sadia Arabia?

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    all cell phone servicre in the boston area has been shut off, so its not unusual you cant call him.

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    Stop being a troll and pray for the dead and injured, their families and loved ones. You are REPREHENSIBLE!

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    Tell someone in authority.

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    Well I would tell somebody of authority!

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