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Who is the bailee in this situation?

so I just had an exam for my Hospitality law class and this question is bothering me after the exam.

the question was "Alex took his girlfriend to dinner with his dad's car and then he gave the car keys to the valet person, who is the bailee in this case??"

the choices were

1) nobody

2) alex

3)the restaurant

4 Alex's girlfriend

I answered the Restaurant because the restaurant is the receiver of the car keys. However, I thought to myself that the car is the Alex's. So alex is the bailee for his Dad (the bailor)'s car.... anyways im confused!!!!! Who is the baileee ?? help!!!!!!

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    I agree with you. The restaurant is the bailee. Dad transferred the right of possession of the car to Alex, but Alex transferred the right of possession to the valet/restaurant. The car still belongs to dad, but possession was transferred to the restaurant, & bailment was established.

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