What to put on campaign posters?

okay so i am paige and im running in high school student government as a sophmore senator. i have some cool colored poster but i need some ideas for slogans, not what i am going to do if i get elected, but just some cool funny attention grabbing slogans.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Turn a new page and vote for Paige.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you will possibly use a tornado yet draw your individual or get somebody you recognize that pulls sturdy to do one for you on your shade with some modifications of colors in it for seems, like shaddows. only positioned it on your web site below or beside your nickname. additionally for the reason that your abode call is Tornadoes per danger you should do yet another catchy slogan approximately being a sturdy tornado that seeks out the undesirable stuff interior the abode and rids the abode of unhappiness and incorrect so happiness and suitable living can stay there. in basic terms a theory and it would experience your tornado. Kriz as your Captain has a tornado's potential. She gets the job finished with super torrential. you like the suited as Captain on your team. Vote for Tornadoes Kriz who will fill all your objectives.

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