Can I major in Veterinary medicine and minor in dance?

I would like to go to Cornell University to study Veterinary Medicine, but I am also a dancer and would like to minor or take courses in dance. I'm not sure if I can actually do that or not.

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  • eri
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    8 years ago
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    No. Veterinary medicine is not a major. It's a professional program you apply to after college. You can major in anything in college and apply to vet school as long as you take the pre-vet classes, offered at most large schools and some small schools. Going to Cornell for undergrad doesn't help you get into their vet school.

  • crady
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    4 years ago

    have you ever even accomplished any analyze into turning out to be a Vet?? you would be able to desire to have a 4 3 hundred and sixty 5 days Bachelor degree to coach to any Vet college. that's a Grad college. you will choose close to appropriate grades on your understudies. There are in effortless terms 28 Vet colleges interior the U. S.. they are surprisingly aggressive and particularly perplexing to get into.

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