rate these baby name combos?

Piper Judith

Willow Eva

Nita Rosemary

Judith for my bf's grandma

Eva for my great grandma

Rosemary for my bf's aunt


Heath Charles

Ellias Jude

Jonah Todd

Charles is for my great grandpa who died

Jude is in honor of my brother who died

Todd is for my dad

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  • 8 years ago
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    Piper Judith - I personally don't care for either of these names all that much, but I can tell you have an older kind of style so it probably would suit your family. These names sound good together. I don't think I would ever like Judith, but Piper can be nice sometimes. 7/10

    Willow Eva - Willow Eve would actually sound better. Willow Eva both end in a drawn out kind of vowel, if you know what I'm trying to say. When you say these out loud, they just don't sound great together. I do happen to love these names as separates, though. Together: 5/10

    Nita Rosemary - I just don't like either of these names. 4/10

    Heath Charles - I love the name Charles, and this name sounds pretty cool. 8/10

    Ellias Jude - There's something I don't like about the combo and I wish I could point out what it was. I think that I would just prefer them as separates. 7/10

    Jonah Todd - This is okay. I don't love it or dislike it really. It sounds fine. 6/10

  • 8 years ago

    Piper Judith 1/10

    Willow Eva 3/10

    Nita Rosemary 1/10

    Heath Charles 5/10

    Ellias Jude 6/10

    Jonah Todd 4/10

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Piper Judith 3/10

    Willow Eva 8/10

    Nita Rosemary 2/10

    Judith 5/10

    Eva 9/10

    Rosemary 5/10

    Heath Charles 3/10

    Ellias Jude 4/10

    Jonah Todd 8/10

    Charles 5/10

    Jude 5/10

    Todd 10/10

  • 8 years ago

    Piper Judith - 7/10 because Judith really is NMS. The names work together and are original.

    Willow Eva - 5/10. I don't like Willow at all, personally, and the two names don't flow with 2 vowel sounds back to back.

    Nita Rosemary - 4/10 only because I love Rosemary. I don't like Nita, and the style is way too different from Rosemary.


    Heath Charles - 5/10 It's a classic name, and very original, I'm just not a fan of Heath, personally.

    Ellias Jude- 9/10 Love both names and the combo. The only change I would make is spelling- Elias with one L.

    Jonah Todd - 7/10 I like each name separate fine, but the 2 together don't fit stylistically or by sound.

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    8 years ago

    Piper Judith - 5/10, I'm not a fan how one is a classic name (Judith), and the other is a popular name (Piper).

    Willow Eva - 6/10, I love Willow, but I don't think Eva flows with it.

    Nita Rosemary - 8/10, I'm not really a fan of Nita, and Rosemary is too common. They go nice together.

    Heath Charles - 6/10, I don't like Heath, since it's the name of a candy bar. Charles is nice & classic.

    Ellias Jude - 2/10, I'm not a fan of Jude or Ellias. They go nice together.

    Jonah Todd - 10/10, Very nice! Love it!

  • 8 years ago


    Piper Judith - Worst one rate:2

    Willow Eva - Ehhh it's okay rate:6

    Nita Rosemary - Best one rate:10


    Heath Charles - Worst one rate: 1

    Ellias Jude - Ehh fine rate: 4

    Jonah Todd - Not the best but good enough rate: 7

  • 8 years ago

    I seriously hate people who just mess with you when you're trying to ask a serious question...(Just putting' that out there)

    I love Piper Judith! I had Judith Piper on my sister's baby list! 9/10

    Willow Eva is nice. I'm not sure if Eva is E-Va, or A-Va. But I like the name!:) 8/10

    Nita Rosemary is a great name. I had Nita in one of my lists when I asked a question...Coyper..lol jk.:)10/10

    Heath CHarles is okay. I'm not digging Heath. If you want a "H" name..Henry Harry, Harley, Hunter. 5/10

    Ellias Jude is alright. Not my style but that's alright too. 6/10

    Jonah Todd is adorable! Absolutely love Jonah! 7/10

    I hope this helped and good luck with your baby!

  • 8 years ago

    Piper Judith - 0 ..ugghh....(Piper is modern and Judith is classic. Not a good match.)

    Willow Eva - 7 (I like Eva Willow better)

    Nita Rosemary - 6

    Heath Charles - 6

    Elias Jude - 10

    Jonah Todd - 8

    Source(s): ♥me
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    Piper Judith 7/10 (sweet name, strong yet still feminine)

    Willow Eva 5/10 ( Don't like it just because Willow is quite popular, and reminds me of a weeping willow, kind of weak, sorry)

    Nita Rosemary 8/10 (I personally like the name Nikita better, but like this name the best out of the three)


    Heath Charles 8/10 ( I quite like this name, its not popular, but still common enough)

    Ellias Jude 6/10 ( sorry don't like this, how would you pronounce it anyway...)

    Jonah Todd 7/10 ( not my favourite but still a nice name)

    Source(s): Me :)
  • 8 years ago


    Favorite is Piper Judith

    Then the other two are about the same in level.


    Favorite is Ellias Jude

    Then Jonah Todd

    Then Heath Charles


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