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Have any of your Internet friends ever committed suicide?

How long did you mourn for? Through what website did you meet them on?

Sorry for being insensitive. I'm just curious and sortt of depressed. Last night an anorexic friend of mine I met on Tumblr ended her with several handfuls of sleeping pills. I hadn't texted her over the weekend since I was busy, and I checked her blog too late. By the time I saw her posts she had explained what she did and expressed her sadness for "never reaching her goal weight" which was like 100lbs...... me and a few other girls online had been trying to pull her out of the ED, but evidently nothing worked.....

She's definitely dead as one of her friends posted about her upcoming funeral...

Anyway, how did you cope? Why did they commit suicide???

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  • 8 years ago

    Almost one time,but I happened to be online and helped.

    In real life a few times.You cope by knowing they are at peace.

    Some can not handle the life they have.Do not judge them until you walk

    in their shoes.

  • 8 years ago

    Yes, for being weak. She's dead now and would have been 15 this month.

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