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Why is my cat aggressive? 10 POINTS FOR BEST ANSWER!?

I took her today on my lap and all of a sudden she tryed to bite me and i held her from the neck and placed her on the floor and then she went to attack my leg very aggresivly

Please help me this has been going on since i had her at first she would just chew my fingers and now she attacks me



she is 8 months

and i found her abandoned at just the age of 4 weeks so i took her and cared for her

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    This could be a number of things:

    If the cat was feral, then rescued and adopted, it is not uncommon for cats to act like this.

    Is the cat a kitten? Kittens can act like this to assert strength and they can confuse play with aggressiveness. You need to discipline the cat if they are being too aggressive with a spray bottle or something else to make her understand she cannot act like that.

    Is the cat spayed? Non spayed cats can be more aggressive.

    Maybe the cat does not like to be picked up, many cats do not like being handled and will act aggressive if they are messed with and are uncomfortable.

    Grabbing a cat by the back of the neck can make the rough play worse because when cats play-fight they bite each other on the backs of their necks.

    Try playing with her with a laser pointer or wand to keep her occupied and that may lessen the rough play.

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    There could be two things going on. The first may be related to the fact that you let her chew on your fingers, and now it has gotten more vigorous. Those little love bites when they are small get to be very painful once they get larger and stronger. And, if you are petting her on your lap, and she suddenly attacks you, what was the position of her ears? If they folded back, that means you got her overstimulated and you need to stop and let her relax.

    If she bites, say no and give a short hiss. Hissing is how her mother trained her.

    Now, for a full scale attack. That suggests displaced aggression, and perhaps putting her on the floor triggered the attack, as she had started biting. The response to that is loud and immediate, which is the word NO. Forget the hissing, simply keep repeating NO forcefully. It should break her train of thought.

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    Maybe holding her by her neck was something she didn't like. Cats could turn aggressive due to a certain health issue or problems with urine. She either didn't like the way you handled her and you should probably be a little more gentle and careful so this doesn't happen, or you should take her to the Veterinarian to see if her health may be the reason why she is acting strange.

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    I sort of agree with Amber. My roommate adopted a little dog, and he HATED me with a passion. He would come after me, he bites hard! I just started hand feeding him, and I left him alone for the most part. I even just started waving at him. A little hello without touching him or getting near him. I have to admit I was a little cruel with him at first. I yelled at him, ashamed to say, and even bit him back once! That was such a horrible thing to do on my part. I just had to give him time, almost half a year. I still let him come to me. He still growls at me from time to time.

    As, far as my kitties go. I have a 100% bat $@!* crazy cat! She has gotten better with time. I let her come to me, and I make sure she knows that food comes me. She doesn't scratch me anymore, now she just allows a few tiny pets before she runs off.

    Try to not react in anger. Unfortunately you just have to be patient and come to grips that your cat might just be a jerk.

    Source(s): Owned animals all my life.
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    lets begin w/..every pet has a personality...and...every animal will learn by association...

    the cat is reacting....its imprtant for us to understand the body language of our pets...

    as cats go...

    if that tail is moving...then back off...but..you CAN teach your cat to associate you w/ good things...

    my suggestions are simple...

    find SOMETHING that cat absolutely loves...for mine...(god rest her) it was food...ANY food..LOL

    cat treats...lunchmeat...potato chips..it didn't matter...

    i would pick her up...and put her on my lap while i watched TV...and keep feeding her...and i had to learn to be very still.....for very long...so the cat would be comfortable using my lap as a platform...and not feel like it was gonna flip her off to the floor or something....

    it took me about 3 months, and the irony is mine was the only lap she'd sit on...

    patience...learn to be still...and associate...eveyrthing you do w/ your pet is "training"...

    so if you're one to "play rough" using your hands...then the cat associates your hands that way..follow?


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    She probably doesn't enjoy being handled and placed on laps. You cant force cats to enjoy being held, and holding them by their neck certainly doesn't help!

    You probably hurt her, and she sees you as a threat. Try treating her nicely, letting her come to you, and don't force her on your lap, and dont hold her by her nick!!

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    my cat is like that too in some ways, every time she attacks you firmly say NO! and tap her nose

    but, if she tries again, just try to be nice to her and give her treats every once in a while....

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