can surround receiver distribute hdmi without being on?

If I want to use surround sound (lets say) on playstation, the hdmi would have to go into the surround receiver then output to the tv..

currently I have rca from tv to surround reciever so whatever sound is coming out tv can be transferred to surround, but its no longer using hdmi signal, its using rca, but this way.. i dont change anything with wires, switches, or settings on receiver, I just turn receiver on if I want to use the speakers.. whether i'm watching cable,movie,or game . the problem with this setup is, the receiver is not "receiving" hdmi signal, its getting rca..

Anyway I want to change the whole setup to where everything.. (cable, dvd, playstation,xbox, laptop,blah blah) goes into receiver using hdmi, then hdmi output to tv.. what I want to know is, if I do this.. does the receiver then, HAVE to be ON all the time to allow the devices to work?

sooooo.. if im just watching cable (which uses hdmi) but I do not want the surround on, I don't want to turn on the receiver, will I still be able to watch tv if the cable box connects to the receiver first then to tv.. or do I need to turn the reciever on? I want to know if the receiver acts as a splitter/hdmi distribution even when not turned on..

I could just try it myself but I don't want to mess with everything if its not going to work, its a bit of work the way I have it set up..

Does the receiver have to be turned on to watch tv WITHOUT surround sound? since everything connects to it first?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The receiver will need to be on for you to to view the various input sources on your TV.

  • 4 years ago

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  • 8 years ago

    All of your answers are in your receiver's manual.

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