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What tactic did the Japanese use in WWII?

What tactic did the Japanese use during WWII when they kept conquering islands in the Pacific Rim and moving onto the next one?

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    Didn't the Americans use this tactic? It was called island hopping. The Japanese had those islands in the Pacific since the start.

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    surprise, blitzkreig and out flanking the enemy as was seen at Singapore and Malaysia.

    they outflanked land defense by using amphibious tactics.

    Gained Air Superiority, sinked British task force off Singapore.

    Singapore was built to withstand an invasion from the sea not land.

    the result was the biggest defeat in British military history.

    Guam, Wake, etc were taken with much ease since they has massive amounts of men and material at their disposal and the island garrisons were caught off guard.

    In the Dutch East Indies the japanese had superior warships then the ABDA.

    Long range guns and torpedoes which they utilized to their advantage especially.. at night

    Best display of japanese gunnery was during the

    ~Battle of the Java Sea

    ~Battle of Savo Island

    Other attacks including air power and tactical surprise as was seen at Ceylon and Darwin

    the japanese attacked remote allied outposts when least expected as was seen in Sydney Harbor and other points on the continent of Australia

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    They didn't move on to the next one. They fortified the islands they took. They hid in caves and fortifications to defend those islands. And they were routed from every one we attacked except New Guinea before the end of the war.

  • Using the Japanese zero planes as suicide devices. These methods were part of the reason Japan got 2 Atomic bombs dropped upon her cities.

    Source(s): ww2
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    Strategy, not tactic.

    Learn the difference between strategic and tactical.

    Source(s): USN Vet
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    Whole army moves - that is, until they attacked Pearl Harber a island of USA and they got slapped to surrender by the bomb and then Russia copied the bomb -- getting of topic lol

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    Very late in the war they used Kamikaze pilots.

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    Overwhelming numbers.

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    always nice to work on your tan on the beach, not on a raft.

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