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How do I get my Xbox back from my mom?

So at the beginning of the school year, I got my Xbox taken away because I didn't show up to swim practice. Now you must know something, I strongly dislike swimming however I am very good at it; my mom makes me do it for the exercise aspect (if you could give me advice on how to get out of swimming that would be great because my mom is really stubborn about it). So when I got my Xbox taken away, I was really displeased because it was the week before Black Ops 2 came out and I really wanted to play it since I was waiting for it for a while. I then found where my mom hid my Xbox, took it, played Black Ops 2 and put it back. From then on I would do the same thing, take it, play it, put it back. I then got it back from my mom for about a week until the Newtown shooting occurred causing her to take it away yet again. The first time she took it, she had it until December. In the middle of January, she gave it back for about a couple of weeks and then took it away again. Ever since then it's been gone. So what I did was take it from her car (Where she hid it) and just kept it hidden in my room. She then found it and said I had violent behavior and my grades were dropping so she took it away. The reason for my behavior and the decline from A's to B's was due to the recent divorce of my parents and my dad moved to Morocco. This really made me upset. She gave it to me on weekends from Feb. to March until now. She put a permanent ban on it (Even though it was my birthday) but she will occasionally give it to me on weekends. I just really want my Xbox back because it is one of my favorite pass times since me and my friends aren't really the athletic type. I really want to get it back tonight when my mom gets home from work so I can have it tomorrow to play the next DLC for Black Ops 2 with my friends :) (Who all have Xbox's and get unlimited time to play on it and are doing perfectly fine) If you are still reading this long story I thank you for helping me and I hope you can help me out because I am also going through some tough stuff :(

Thank You For Your Help :)

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    The best thing to do is stop thinking about it once she sees it is on the back of your mind.Focus on school swimming then she could give it back when she sees its like not a big deal and if she gives it back don't be happy and jumping up and down say " ok I am going to work on my homework " and don't play it for a little while

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    You should tell her you have no interest in swimming and it really upsets you that she is forcing you to go. I'm sorry buy the most you can do is plead with her to give it back. Buy at least you have it on the weekends.

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    Tell her that you swear to god that you will go to swim practice whenever you have to, tell her you will try your best in school, but if you really dont want to do that pretend to put your hands on your hip but cross your fingers behind your torso. Try it and let me know if it worked ;)

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    I switch lives.

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    you should do chores or just beg her or force her to do it.

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