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Will my body go back to how it was, before photo included?

Before I lost a lot of weight during a fad diet which turned into disordered eating and exercise compulsion I was originally about 104lbs and about 5 ft 3'', and this is what I looked like:


I didn't workout at all, apart from walking daily around college and dancing around my house.. I ate whatever I wanted, most of it processed food. And then I began to have bad body image, I got down to probably bellow 80lbs at my lowest and I've been actively trying to gain weight to get back to this for about a year now. I don't know if I look the same or different.. but if that was my body without any exercise and bad eating will me exercising daily and eating clean help it become toner and build muscle in my legs and arms?

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I normally write very lengthy detailed responses regarding fitness and diet but based on what I've just read I can simply inform you that with healthy eating which I will define below in combination with weight and resistance training you will achieve your goal although you must be consistent in your efforts.

    You should eat 5-6 Meals a day 2-3 hours between each meal consisting of a protein source / carbohydrate source / natural fats (almonds for e.g). Drink 2-3L of water per day although considering your trying to gain weight I'd recommend you fit your macro-nutrients which you can calculate on the provided link.


    Good Luck

    Source(s): I've done it all myself and I've researched it all myself.
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