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9GAG why isn't my post on the hot page?

My post has 11,500 likes and is still in the trending page, but I've seen other posts in the hot page with only 6,000 likes! I've tried so many times to get on the hot page and to get so close and still not achieve my goal I would like to at least know why... It doesn't seem quite fair to me :/

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    8 years ago
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    1) there was a glitch / lag and the post is taking a long time to load,

    2) the hosts of the site decided to censor your post, (for whatever reason they deemed necessary)

    3) your page was taken down by a number of complaints from the reader. happens quite often on that site.

    Source(s): the possibilities of why your page isn't posting.
  • 4 years ago

    Attention! 9fag alert, 9fag alert! Le 9gag le sucks le tougher le than a le vacuum le cleaner however sure, i heard one among my friends speakme about this and it took him like 22k.... Not that any person cared

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