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Cardio question and lifting?

I found this good cardio workout to do after I lift weights. I want to k ow what you guys think. Should I do this cardio after lifting weights and is it okay. I will give you the link.


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    Yes! Doing cardio immediately after a workout is when you will burn the most body fat.

  • 8 years ago

    It depends on your goals, your bod type, and your nutrition.

    If your goal is to just get muscles and strengh there's no need to do cardio.

    If your a skinny ectomorph trying to gain weight.... Again no need for cardio.

    if you're a "big guy" like an endomorph who's short, stocky, strong, but a little chubby, you should always do cardio after weight lifting to try and get lean.

    As for the cardio in that video, that's pretty much glycogen depletion. You could do that with weight lifting anyway, just do drop sets till failure. If you're doing heavy chest presses in 3 sets of 8 or whatever and then going to try do explosive push ups, you can forget it, your arms and chest should be weak from lifting, and if they're not than you probably didn't lift enough.

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    I think you should give it a try.

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