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Ab workouts??????!!?????

As of now, I do plank for a minute, sliders, side plank for a minute and a half on each side, straight leg hold, leg raises, side to side obliques and crunches. Rather than set a number of repetitions to do, I do as many as possible of each workout in 1 minute. I've been doing this for 4 weeks so far, but it's only about 8 minutes. Should I add more? If so what would you recommend? Also, I work my abs Mondays an Wednesdays. And do my chest and arms Tuesday and Thursdays. Should I be doing both workouts everyday? Or is what I'm doing fine?

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    It sounds like you're doing plenty for abs, possibly too much. You may want to include torso rotations to work the ab stabilizer muscles, and perhaps switch crunches for hanging leg raises. Abs are just like any other muscle don't need to beat them to death to get results, usually 15-20 decisive repetions suffice.

    You might get better results by adding barbell squats to your routine; few exercises can equal squats for overall strength benefits. It doesn't sound as if you're working back or shoulders; if you're only working chest and arms, your going to experience muscle imbalance which will pull your shoulders forward. This will cause some serious skeletal problems later on in life.

    It sounds as if you're focusing on the muscles you can see in the mirror; you need to develop the entire body.

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