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How effective are elastics in fixing overbites/overjets?

In an overbite caused by a lower jaw that's too small, how effective are elastics at pulling the lower jaw forward, and keeping it there?

I've been using elastics for two months, just a normal configuration for overbites, the orthodontist decided my bite was good, and now I don't have elastics anymore. It feels like my bite is going right back to normal. I should be getting the braces off in another two months, but even if we do fix it with elastics again, what's going to stop my jaw from going back, again? I don't think I've seen any retainers that would hold a bite in place...

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    It doesn't work because muscles are way too strong and will over power any elastics. Whenever there is a battle between muscles and elastics, muscles ALWAYS win.

    Source(s): functional orthodontist
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    Once your bite is correct and you get the braces off they will settle in to certain grooves that will prevent movement or relapse.

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