What did sadaan Hussein do that was so bad.?

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  • 8 years ago
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    The one factor that distinguished Hussein from all the other dictator/tyrant/presiden/etc is he was calculated to be defeatable so the US made an example of him to all the other dictators. You don't see the US running off to invade Russia to oust Putin. Nor to Israel or North Korea or even to Yugoslavia.

    Hussein has even been labeled as the anti-christ, that's how self righteous the US is. Decades from now, history will judge these leaders. One dictator who gassed countless innocents, or a dictator who lied to a country to get his war to secure his own interests.

    In the end, what's so bad is based on your own prejudice and ignorance because people are quick to excuse one evil yet condemn another evil.

  • Gary C
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    8 years ago

    Other than torturing and murdering several thousand Iraqis, using poison gas against some villages in his own country, starting a very bloody war with Iran, and invading Kuwait on a whim, I can't think of a thing.

    Oh, yes, he also annoyed everybody by putting gigantic pictures of himself on every available surface in Iraq.

  • 8 years ago

    He ran his country as a brutal police state where he and his family could do whatever they wanted.His son Udolay was famous for taking athletes from the losing Iraqi soccer team and feeding them feet first into a wood chipper

    He ran a 6 year war with Iran where he indiscriminately bombed Iranian cities killing men women an children

    His forces invaded Kuwait and stripped it clean, including throwing patients out of hospitals so that his army could send the equipment home.

    40 different countries sent troops to Saudi Arabia to throw the Iraqis out of Kuwait, which we ( mostly US and Brit ) did in the First Gulf War.

    In return for not invading Iraq then and there and hanging the worthless scum, Saddam agreed to UN sponsored inspectors and a large number of rules and agreements all of which he defied for 8 years. While e was doing that, as other posters mentioned he did something only Adolf Hitler had done before him, and that is gas his own people....

    He was known to have vast stocks of chemical weapons, and biological weapons.He was supposed to give them up, but they never have been accounted for.....as in they existed and then disappeared.

    Maybe to Syria, so stay tuned......

    Another set of UN rules he defied was the "Oil for Food" program.he was allowed to sell a limited mount of oil on the world market to buy food for his people....very little food ever made it to Iraqi dinner tables, but hundreds of millions of dollars were found in his palaces and out of country bank accounts after we took over. How many men women and children starved to death? Thousands.How many children grew up stunted and sick and malformed? Tens of thousands.

    Probably , from actual results on the ground, 95% of the Iraqui people were thrilled to see him go....

  • 8 years ago

    Use poison gas against Iraqi Kurds and the Marsh Arabs

    Torture and murder political opponents

    Attack Iran

    Invade and occupy Kuwait

    Threaten saudi Arabia

    Fire SCUD missiles at Israel.

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  • 8 years ago

    "Iraqi Kurds mark the 25th anniversary of Saddam Hussein's poison gas attack on the town of Halabja, where thousands of people were killed."


    "UNSCR 688 (April 5, 1991) "condemns" Saddam Hussein's repression of the Iraqi civilian population -- "the consequences of which threaten international peace and security." UNSCR 688 also requires Saddam Hussein to end his repression of the Iraqi people and to allow immediate access to international humanitarian organizations to help those in need of assistance. Saddam Hussein has repeatedly violated these provisions and has: expanded his violence against women and children; continued his horrific torture and execution of innocent Iraqis; continued to violate the basic human rights of the Iraqi people and has continued to control all sources of information (including killing more than 500 journalists and other opinion leaders in the past decade). Saddam Hussein has also harassed humanitarian aid workers; expanded his crimes against Muslims; he has withheld food from families that fail to offer their children to his regime; and he has continued to subject Iraqis to unfair imprisonment."


    Hope that helps :)

  • Bob B
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    8 years ago

    Other than poison gassing Kurds? Other than killing political opponents on a whim?

    He was, after all, convicted in an Iraqi court for his crimes and was hanged for committing them.

  • 8 years ago

    Are you kidding? Are teachers not teaching this in school?

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