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Help! Found baby birds?

So my little brother and nephew pointed out that there were 3 baby birds near our driveway, we placed them in an extra birdhouse we found. But only 2 of them are moving, and the 3rd one isn't...

Should I call a veterinarian, or animal shelter? I friend of mine told me the mother bird wouldn't go near the babies if a person made contact with them. So who should I call??

I live in the Athens, Georgia area. Are there any animal shelter, or something like that, that can help?

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    Go to the animal shelter. They can get the proper vet. Go ASAP, dont feed them anything or touch them. Put them in a shoebox with a towel on the bottom, wear gloves. Fill glove or ballon with warm water and place that in the shoebox too. Don't look at them often especially if their eyes are open (they will think you are their momma).

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    If the bird is fully feathered, it is most likely a fledgling and has left the nest on it's own and it's parents are caring for it. It is normal for birds to leave the nest before they can fly. You need to replace it where you found it, preferably in a scrub or tree so it is relatively safe from predators, and the parents should come back to feed it. Putting them in a birdhouse is basically HIDING them from the parents..they did NOT nest there..so the parents will not be able to find them and they will starve to death! If it is unfeathered, then look for a nest and if you can find it, replace it into the nest. Do not worry about your scent being on the chick as birds have a very poorly developed sense of smell and will not reject a baby that has been touched. This is an old wives tale. If you cannot find a nest, get the bird to a local wildlife rehab for it's best chance of survival. Also, keep in mind, it is illegal for you to try and raise this bird on your own. All wild native birds in the U.S. are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Look for a rehab here:


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    Your best bet would be to leave them alone. Maybe the mother will come to back to them, but typically they won't after you have messed with the nest. As for the baby birds that aren't moving, they are probably dead. There is nothing you can do. Don't waste your time with them.

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