How can I feel closer to God?

Recently i feel like i could be closer to God than I am right now, I got caught up in moving and getting married sadly I dont feel as close to him anymore.


Seriously people? If you dont believe in God you dont need to even be on question, im looking for serious answer and not your atheist non sense...

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  • Hope!
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    8 years ago
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    In order to get closer to anyone, you have to spend time with them, and that applies to our relationship with God.

    Set aside time each day to pray, and read the bible. On days when I don't 'feel like it' I listen to worship music, which always puts me in a better mood, and makes me realize that what is important to me must be a priority.

    Take time to listen too - for years I prayed, but it was just me talking endlessly.. now, I ask God questions, and I sit quietly and wait to see what thoughts come to mind. Many times I will hear something, or feel what is right.. a good relationship involves listening, maybe more that talking.

    When you read the bible, again, ask God to open your eyes to what the passage means for you, personally.

    I also recommend keeping a prayer journal.. this has helped me immensely! For example, I will say something in my head a million times, but when I see it in black and white on the page, I realize that my thinking has been flawed (for example, when I have thoughts of anger, or self-esteem issues).. and writing slows down the thought process, so that God can show you things you wouldn't see, when thinking at the speed of light.

    Lastly, to feel closer to God, you must be trying to live in accordance with His will. If you are angry at someone, for example, you will not feel close to God, until you have repented. Sinning separates us from God

    God will bless you in your efforts to please Him.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Historically, people have relied on mind-altering rituals and drugs to become closer to the deity they believe in. Since all gods and goddesses are purely imaginary, the best way to get closer to any of them is through your imagination, so you will need to find some way to shut down your rational thought and enhance your imagination. One such way to do that is to fast until you reach a state of hallucination. A popular method used by most religions is to practice superstitious rituals like praying, reading ancient myths (aka Holy Scripture) and worshiping. Another way is to take some form of mind-altering drug.

    Edit: Nonsense one word, not two. Go ahead and stay close-minded. If God really existed, I am sure he would let you know how to get closer to him. The very reason you have to ask a bunch of similar believers the question is because God either does not exist, or does not want you close to him.

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    I find talking to him daily helps.

    "Trust in him at all times, O people. Before him pour out YOUR heart. God is a refuge for us." Psalm chapter 62 verse 8.

    Source(s): The bible NWT
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    8 years ago
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    I heard that if you turn all the hangers around in your closet that works sometimes

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    8 years ago

    You can't really, you just have to pretend.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


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