My laptop crashed, please help me!?

I have a toshiba laptop satellite l655 windows 7. A couple of days ago it crashed. I tried turning it back on and saw a blue screen (don't remember what it said). I just turned tried to turn it back on. It starts normal and I press enter to turn it on normally. Then it says windows is loading files and then takes a couple of seconds to load. But then a white box pops up and says an error has occurred. Error: F3-F100-0010. An error has occurred. Please press [OK] to turn off the computer. That's it. I have no idea what to do please help me

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  • Arnak
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    8 years ago
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    According to my research there are 2 possible reasons for this error :-

    1. A very nasty virus that is difficult to remove.

    2. A failing or failed windows installation or a bad hard drive.

    So the first thing to do is to get into safe mode you need to re-boot the pc and before the windows logo appears press F8.

    You may need to press it more than once.

    Once the safe mode menu appears make your selection, try the last known good configuration first to see if that works.

    If you can load into safe mode correctly then it is something loading at startup that is causing the problem, possibly a virus.8-((

    Do you have an up to date anti-virus system installed?

    If you can get into safe mode with netwoking then go to, download their free anti-virus, install it then update it and run a full system check.

    Hopefully that may resolve the prblem.

    If not come back and ask for more help detailing what you have done so far.

    Do you have a full system backup before this occured?


  • Dnf
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    8 years ago


    May be you need to insert the OS CD and the update the files, which are missing. Once you have done it, the OS will get updated with more critical updates as soon as it gets connected to the web.

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