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What's the difference between a J-R FLIP FLOP and a S-R FLIP FLOP?

the only difference I see is that when both inputs are 1 we switch the states of Q and Q prime in the case of the J-R FLIP FLOP.

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  • Carl
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    8 years ago

    I've never heard of a J-R flip-flop. SR flip-flops, D flip-flops, and JK flip-flops. JK flip-flops are clock triggered, two input flip-flops. The rules are: if J and K are both low at the clock edge, the outputs don't change; if J and K are both high, the outputs both reverse their states; if J and K differ, output Q takes on the value of J and Q' takes on the value of K.

    A SR flip-flop works similarly, but if both inputs are high on the clock edge, you can't predict the outputs. It could stay the same, it could flip, it probably would depend on the internal wiring of the flip-flop. I suspect one path would have a slightly lower resistance, so it would always go to the same state, but you wouldn't be able to predict that state ahead of time.

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