Strong pain in the bottom left of my back?

Been awoken by strong pain in my lower left part of the back. It's front and back. Throbbing/stabbing. I'm a bit under the weather atm. Tired, hot, run down.

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  • Maevey
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    8 years ago
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    Hey! I recently had a kidney infection and had similar pain to this .. kidney pain is usually felt in the lower back and can be felt in the front too .. if you are having any problems with urination this is likely .. however this could just be muscle or ribcage pain .. my pain didnt go away after my kidney infection was long gone and my doctor told me it was most likely pain coming from an inflamed rib .. buy some ibuprofen gel and see if it helps the pain over a few days .. if not check in with your doctor who will be able to diagnose the cause better than me :P good luck :P

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