Any one knows how whittingham drive swindon look like?

Hello, does any body know this place? Is it nice and what is the good things to do in Swindon


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    8 years ago
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    If you locate it on Google Earth, you can have a virtual drive along it using Google Street View.

    It's a modern development in "village style" on the southern outskirts. It's nicer than many other developments in Swindon.

    Swindon is not a pretty town. However, it seems to have escaped much of the slump in the building trade. When building sites in other parts of UK were left unfinished, the sites in Swindon were hives of activity.

    I have only visited during the day when working, so I can't comment on the entertainment in the town. It has a huge outlet shopping area and is surrounded by pretty countryside.

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