Nrhh: If you have taken the sat test....?

What did you study? What were your routines for studying?

Im really nervous i take the test at June 1. Any tips?

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    Like Trylemma said, don't waste too much time on the writing (don't go too far into detail and don't try to be funny; they don't like that, just be straightforward) and skip a question if you can't do it right away and come back later when possible.

    I don't think it's necessary to take a lot of practice tests, but try to do a little studying everyday. For example, the SAT website has daily questions that you can take. It doesn't take a lot of time and will help you get a good idea of whether you're prepared or not. But a practice test every now and then (try doing one every 2 weeks) will certainly help.

    I know everyone says this, but don't try to cram (I think that term is outdated but whatever) before the test, because it rarely, if ever, helps.

    Also, I don't recommend SAT prep classes unless you're seriously at risk of failing the test. Those things are expensive, and most people really only go up a handful of points so the progress is debatable.

    I should note, I got a 1780 on a practice test in October. Then I did the daily SAT questions on the website and didn't do any additional studying and got a 2050 on the actual test in November. So even a little bit of studying can go a long way. I should also note that my brother (who gets higher grades than I do and is likely smarter than me, at least academically speaking) studied consistently for the test and got a 1930, then took the test again and got about the same score. So again, don't try to learn everything for the test because it's going to be too much and you'll waste your time for nothing.

  • Take as many practice tests as you can under the time restraints.

    Don't waste time on the writing, it doesn't really matter yet in eyes of schools.

    Learn how to recognize which questions are going to be more difficult for you and, if time is short (which it usually is), skip them.

    Also, learn how to make educated guesses. You lose points for wrong guesses, but usually it's better to guess if you can narrow down your choices.

    Do your best the first time. These days most schools want you to do your best on one try (I didn't do as well as I wanted on my first try and regreted it).

    Source(s): I got a 2000 then a 2180 on SAT.
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    Just try to study and relax.I crammed in a lot of studying.I also manged to get a Tutor to help out and trust me it paid off.

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