What words can I make using the letters in "DUB STEP"?

I have this old shirt that says "DUB STEP" on it but I don't listen to much dubstep anymore. The letters on the shirt are really cool though so I don't want to throw the shirt away. What words/ abbreviations could I make out of the letters if I cut them out of the shirt and sewed them to something else? Thanks so much for any ideas :)

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  • Mike S
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    8 years ago
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    I skipped dub dubs & step because those would be too obvious.

    I don't know why I chose to skip: debuts bestud tubes tubed setup dupes duets debut debts bused used tubs tube teds suet sued stud stub spud sped sept puts puds pubs pets pest dust dupe duet dues deus debt debs buts bust buds bets beds use ups tub ted sup sue sub set put pus pub pet est eds due deb but bus bud bet bed us up et be

    I didn't think stuped bedust stupe spued pseud debus butes utes tups supe sted spue spet peds dups bute bedu uts ute uds tup tes sud sed pst pes ped dup bes ut te st pe es ed de would look good sewn onto anything, but I could be wrong.

    Let's not forget D U B S T E and P

    I see you used the censored lists. Maybe that is why it skipped my other favorite: PUBES

  • 8 years ago

    105 words

    stuped debuts busted bestud bedust upset tubes tubed stupe spued setup pseud dupes duets debut debus debts butes bused utes used tups tubs tube teds supe suet sued stud stub step sted spue spud spet sped sept puts puds pubs pets pest peds dust dups dupe duet dues dubs deus debt debs buts bute bust buds bets best bedu beds uts ute use ups uds tup tub tes ted sup sue sud sub set sed put pus pub pst pet pes ped est eds dup due dub deb but bus bud bet bes bed ut us up te st pe et es ed de be

    Source(s): This tool will give you all words you can make using any set of letters. http://www.litscape.com/word_tools_mammoth_censore...
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