how much does a family law lawyer cost? this would be for a modification of child support and visitation.?

my ex is taking me back to court to ask for 50/50 custody of our 9 year old daughter. he has never paid child support, and now that I am starting to ask him for the child support, he takes me to have her more time. but the time that he should be spending with her doesn't even happen!!! Ugh... i really think ineed a lawyer. Plus he just got out of jail for domestiv violence and child endangement of his step daughter!! :/

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  • 8 years ago
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    We don't know where you live and attorney's charge different fees.

    It also seems that if he just got out of jail, he would not have a lot of money. We don't know but if he's taking you to court how's he paying for it when he hasn't paid any child support thus far?

    Anyway the answer to your question is that fees can range considerably. Some places as low as $125 an hour others as high as $600 an hour or more. Depends on the lawyer, experience, complexity of the case, the location where this is all taking place, etc.

    No one can answer. Your best bet is to start shopping for a lawyer in the yellow pages and interview several of them. Then decide.

  • 8 years ago

    Call some lawyers and ask. You'll probably have to pay a retainer to start with which will be at least $1000 which will cover the beginning of the time they'll spend on your case; additional time they will bill you for as needed.

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    4 years ago

    California has jurisdiction over the case so which you have 2 options here. you may pass to California or hire a California criminal expert to signify you in courtroom, this is till your husband and his ex can come to a written contract formerly courtroom. The visitation section could be undemanding, he does have parental rights. to cut back baby help is greater durable, whether he had different young ones after his son. they'll nevertheless take a flat share of his earnings.

  • 8 years ago

    Try to find one who will give you a flat fee. $2500 is a much better deal than$200/hr. Hourly rates get real expensive, real fast.

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