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Sorry for repost but I need to explain myself better?

Im 13 and I'm a girl. So I have this friend, lets call her Maggie, and every year she has the most epic birthday parties in awesome venues. She invites me every year. This year she didn't invite me and I'm heart broken. She even invited people who I think, in my opinion are horrible people. She invited like 20 people and all my closest friends. So I feel left out. But I don't care about that stuff, I mean, good for them! She gave the invitations 3 days ago and I walk past her hoping for her to remember that she forgot me. But she didn't notice. So that means that she didn't invite me on porpoise. If it is because she has to choose only on 20 people then she shouldn't have invited all those bullies. If its because I never invited her to my house or my birthday it's because she has a bad reputation when coming to people's houses and because my family can't afford birthday parties( it's not that we're poor, it's that my family has more to spend money on than in fancy and expensive venues). I have always been a good friend to her. I have supported her when she needed. I gave her a shoulder to cry on. Even when she said bad stuff to me, I forgave her. And even though she gave the invitations three days ago, people still carry them around all the time, and I see them everyday, reminding me of all this. I have came home and cried during three days. Things at home aren't good either. My mum says every thing I do is wrong. But she does support me and she is always there for me. I'm not going to talk to Maggie because if she doesn't invite me, I am not gonna make her to do it. Also, I don't wanna seem desperate. How do I deal with this?

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    Saying to get over it is easier said then done. On one hand...you shouldn't expect to be invited...but on the other, you make a very good case that you've been there for her as a good friend and that you feel wronged. I don't know what is up with her. I don't think she forgot...i agree that it was probably purposeful. I understand that you are feelings left out...but maybe talk to your friends about it. They might not know that you weren't invited and when they find out they might confront Maggie and ask why.

    A similar thing happened to me back in high school. I brought up the idea to all my friends that we do a pot luck dinner at someones house before prom. This girl (who i don't like) that wasn't directly involved in that conversation decided to have everyone over to her place...everyone except me. I felt awful and basically had to make last min plans with another friend. Later that evening everyone asked my why i never showed up and I told them I wasn't invited. I didn't say it in a mean or hut way...just "oh I wasn't invited" and the expressions on their faces were priceless. This girl tried to do the same thing the next year and all my friends told me to come with them and if she said anything we would all leave.

    Anyway. I hope things get better for you with Maggie, your friends, and at home. I wish you nothing but the best :)

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