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How can I safely travel with my 5 month old foal in a trailor?

I am moving to Kansas from Houston, and I will be taking the mother and the foal, and I want to know the safest way of traveling for him, in a 2 horse trailor. Please help.

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    I agree with all Rachel says.

    Always load the foal first and the mare will follow - a foal will often run to the side and cause the mare to panic. Get two friends and they can guide the foal with hands around its butt and practically lift it in.

    Again if all is safe and any side door is locked, remove everything and travel both loose. There is a danger that a foal can get under the chest bar if you leave that in.

    I would also well soak any hay for the journey so that the mare is getting plenty of moisture.

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    Take everything out. And put some straw on the floor. I don't know how far you are traveling. But if it is far, take water with you to give your mare a drink.

    I have always found it better to take the foal up on the trailer first. If the mare started to bounce and shout, it can cause the foal to panic.

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    at 5 months old attempt to be ultimate, grooming, and touching the foal throughout, probable getting it used to blankets and what no longer. except that you shouldnt be "preparation" it to do some thing. what are you searching for? there's various of information obtainable on the thanks to strengthen and right feed a foal, so i dont recognize what you mean via your study doesnt help what youre searching for. its a touch one, enable or not that's a touch one.

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    Get him used to being in a trailer by walking him in and out of it and showing him its safe by doing the same with his mother. Then after he is used to seeing it is safe inside,load him and his mother in and drive the trailer around the block/neighborhood a few times till he is used to it. And keep going farther every trailer ride

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    Make sure he is comfortable in the trailer and that he has ridin in it before. When you go to trailer him make sure that there is nothing that he could harm himself especially around where his mouth can reach because that is a long time to be in one place for such a young fella! you could even give him a toy to play with to keep him preoccupied! hope this helps!!

    Source(s): 16 years of expirence with horses!
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