is it possible to boot off an ide drive with win98 on my new win8 computer?

i thaught it would be fun to boot win98 off an old ide drive. my existing sata has win8, do i just hhok up the power and ide cable, start up, enter bios and boot off the win98 drive. and will i be able to go and boot off my current win8 drive with no problems? also , will it work with my existing hardware? fyi, i have a deskrop.

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  • 8 years ago
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  • Arnak
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    8 years ago


    I don't see why not as long as the spare dive is set to have a bootable partition containing W98.

    Why not set up a dual boot option so you don't need to go into the bios each time to choose the drive?

    Have a look here, it is for 98 and W7 but should be basically the same :-


  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you will might desire to set rigidity boot ideas on your pc's BIOS. in case you nonetheless have the documentation from the device producer that should probably be the suited place to look for the specifics, yet right it fairly is a universal rundown on what you're searching for: once you first turn your pc on, it is going to exhibit a message alongside the strains of "Press F2 to head into Setup" (specially cases that's the DEL key). do this and you should be provided with a BIOS menu. specially cases the ideas for which rigidity to boot from is below the Drives determination, specially cases there's a separate Boot menu. you're searching for an determination that helps you to set the order wherein the pc seems for drives to boot from - of course you desire to alter that putting to point to the rigidity you desire to boot from, shop the settings, go out and reboot.

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