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Is the energy from a rechargeable battery renewable?

(A rechargeable battery can be recharged by being put into a device that is plugged into the wall.)

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    A battery is a chemical storage of energy, not a source of energy. The energy could be from what we would consider a renewable source but most often are not.

    Note that gasoline and diesel are also chemically stored energy, they're actually stored solar energy collected by photosynthesis millions of years ago. It's only because they were slowly accumulated into vast fossil reserves by nature over millions of years while we use them quickly in decades that we consider them not renewable. We actually know how to recharge CO2 and H2O back into gasoline and diesel and it is as efficient as producing hydrogen from H2O, possibly as efficient as recharging a battery which is notoriously inefficient. Synthetic fuels were used to run WWII Germany, embargoed South Africa and the US dilutes their high sulfur diesel with synthetic diesel to meet federal ultra low sulfur diesel requirements, though in the first two cases the energy came from coal and in the latter from natural gas. It just can't compete with the vast stores of energy nature has already stored for us.

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    I would consider it a renewable energy since you recharge it. You can renew the stored energy over and over again. Solar panel systems use batteries to store energy; in this sense they are considered part of the system.

    Though, others would not consider them renewable because they are just a storage device to store energy created by other sources; either renewable or conventional.

    A lot of people lose the sight of the term 'renewable'; if you renew the energy stored in a battery it is considered charged which then becomes a source. The energy is limited but that goes for everything including renewable energy sources.

    Definition according to dictionary: (

    re new a ble

    1. That can be renewed: a renewable membership; renewable subscriptions.

    2. Relating to or being a commodity or resource, such as solar energy or firewood, that is inexhaustible or replaceable by new growth.

    Relating to a natural resource, such as solar energy, water, or wood, that is never used up or that can be replaced by new growth. Resources that are dependent on regrowth can sometimes be depleted beyond the point of renewability, as when the deforestation of land leads to desertification or when a commercially valuable species is harvested to extinction. Pollution can also make a renewable resource such as water unusable in a particular location.

    In the dictionary it mentions firewood so I would definitely consider a rechargeable batttery a renewable device.

    I hope this helps.

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    Hey Dakota, only if you charge that rechargeable battery from a renewable source, like solar, wind, hydro, biomass or geothermal power. Imagine for a minute using a car battery charger to charge up a boats electric trolling motor battery, while the charger is plugged into an outlet that is ultimately fed from a coal fired power plant. Where does the electricity for the trolling motor ultimately come from?

    The real green side of a rechargeable battery, like you might use for a digital camera, is you don't have to keep throwing used dead batteries into the landfill. Even if you charge them via a plug in your home, they are still greener than buying alkaline cells and then throwing them out.

    We live in a home that is powered by the wind and sun, about 94% of our electricity is produced here by our solar array and wind turbine, and the last bit comes from the power company. Our next purchase is going to be a plug in hybrid vehicle, which will recharge from our solar array. Then we will truly have a "renewable set of wheels." Keep using rechargeable batteries, even if you have to charge them with your homes power source, it's still better than filling the landfill with dead cells. Take care Dakota, Rudydoo

    Source(s): Home Power Magazine, The Complete Battery Book, by Richard Perez, library
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    we ought to get our capability from a sort of materials, in basic terms like we do now, we in basic terms ought to alter the blend to shrink fossil fuels and boost renewables. i do no longer think of photograph voltaic is expensive, in my section electric powered costs pass up an trouble-free of 10% a 365 days, so if i take advantage of a similar quantity of capability in 10 years that i'm utilising at the instant i'm going to be paying double the quantity in 8 years. If i purchase photograph voltaic panels, i'm going to smash even in approximately 10 years then i'm going to have loose capability for no less than yet another 10-15years. In my section i'm getting a great rebate, so I smash even in 6 years and would have 14-19 years of loose capability.

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