where billy mays and anthony sullivan friends in real life?

i'm talking about that 2009 show pitchmen with billy mays and anthony sullivan before billy mays passed away on june 28, 2009.

in the show, they argued a lot and anthony acted like he didn't like him, said that they should lower his salary, and acted like he didn't want to work with him, and there was a scene where anthony was wearing ear plugs and said it was great that he couldn't hear him while he was asking him if he wasn't going to talk to him anymore.

they came across as two guys who didn't like each other and didn't want to work together at all.

was it all just an act?

if it was all an act and they were just acting for tv ratings, then what about the hatred that was shown on the show american chopper between paul sr. and his son paul jr. and sometimes between paul sr. and his other son mikey? i read that that was real.

so does that mean that the heated arguments on american chopper were real whereas the bickering and not getting along between billy mays and anthony sullivan on pitchmen was fake?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Remembering Billy Mays - Anthony Sullivan, partner on Pitchmen on Discovery Channel, talks about missing his friend Billy 1 year after his death on the Set of the Grill Glove infomercial shoot. This is an honor and tribute to the late, great Billy Mays! www.grillglove.com.

    They had ups and downs but were really friends.

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