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what are good, fast tuners under 10000?

Im looking for a first car under 10,000. I'd like it to be boosted (super or turbo) but not a necesity if its a fast car. I've been looking at Chevy cobalt ss's and they seem pretty nice but a harder to find in my area. Any other ideas? Thanks.

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    You can get an Impreza WRX, but most under $10,000 will be really beat up and abused by its previous owner(s).

    A very well cared for twin turbo 3000 GT VR4 will typically run in the $7,000-$10,000 range. The equivalent Dodge Stealth R/T will likely command a similar price.

    Twin turbo 300ZX will be around this range as well.

    You could also look at an Eclipse GSX, but with 10k to spend, I'd rather just buy one of the twin turbo cars (preferably the Z.)

    Don't forget the Dodge Neon SRT-4. I'd much rather have this over a Cobalt if I choose a FWD platform.

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    I observed a 650hp Mustang GT on the industry as quickly as, and it replaced into in basic terms $6000. Your suited, quickest wager, is to seem for an previous Mustang Fox physique. plenty and a great number of folk mod the hell out of those, then lose interest and sell it great much less high priced, or now and back people have such fairly some initiatives they simply sell em. you are able to actual get an previous Mustang GT inventory for $3000, then throw on a supercharger, rapid kit or Nitrous with something of the money....and nevertheless have some money to spare! additionally, seem at Camaros, Firebirds(gotta be a v8), and now and back you additionally can discover some early ninety's Corvettes for in basic terms below $10,000 additionally, attempt searching for an 80's Porsche 944 or 928. (they're high priced to maintain working, yet they're enormously rapid, and would usually out-handle fairly fairly some AWD autos on the roads at the instant.) additionally, dont leap on a vehicle in basic terms through fact it has a rapid, there have been fairly some 80's and ninety's autos with inventory rapid's and that they have been nevertheless fairly sluggish. usually those are Volvos, Izuzus, BMW's, or perhaps some Supras! (however the stable information is, you should usually improve them actual and make great skill)

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