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BOSTON BOMBINGS: I've been thinking. Is there a way to find out who is responsible for the bombs ?

R.I.P to the 2 people who sadly got killed there.

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    Iran is the culprit............let US attack and occupy them !!

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    I heard on The Blaze Radio that the Boston police had a suspect in custody about an hour after the first explosion. Keep listening for updates.

    Nazia, security at the finish line is tightest when the top runners cross. The bombs went off an hour after that. Maybe someone wanted the bombs to explode when the winner crossed but security forced him to wait an hour.

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    Probably surveillance camera video will be used. Forensics will be used to id the bombs' ingredients and, if any particular ingredient is unusual, its point-of-sale will be sought out. Pieces will be collected and DNA and fingerprints will be checked for. People who do this kind of thing aren't usually acting spontaneously and are known to have long, hard grudges against the government. Once their photos get out, they will be identified (if they aren't known to authorities already) and caught.

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    I think it's up us, as humans, to wotk together and seek the truth without judgement. Those of us who can and are in the position to need to get online and compile reliable factual evidence and bring the truth out with our keyboards. We're not all FBI Profilers and Crime Scene Investigators so we are limited, but if we keep or heads clear of judgment and focused on resolving this horrible situation, then we as humans can figure this out as a nation.

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    how people can say ' its home grown' terrorists , when there is no news , i think..are jumping the gun a bit.................... Maybe they are.... but 2 bombs at the same time.... not likely to be your usual nutter.... several people involved... co-ordination..obviously planned for maximum carnage..... Bombs were in a hotel...so....the culprits must be on hotel cctv.................... more likely vistors/ foreigners than locals...but hey..who knows........ Maybe its an 'inside job' ... this gives them an excuse to bomb someone in the near future..maybe...... So many possibilities.... The good thing about speculation is..... it opens your eyes to a myriad of possibilities........... If i was a betting man...... id go 50-50 for terrorist ( foreign variety) or... USA inside job.. looking to make a good excuse to 'kick someones ***' in the near future.... btw.... 'the people/person of interest' are not suspects.... more likely to be possible witnesses

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  • I believe the investigators will find out who it was. It just takes time. There are news reports,saying that the police have some ''persons of interest'' (they're speaking with) already. I see there are already some conspiracy theory nut cases on here as usual....plus idiots!

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Unfortunately the USA are probably gunna blame North Korea but I don't think is was them frankly I think it was an American

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    I do not think this is the work of terrorist but just another action by the higher people giving us the more reason to go to the beginning of world war 3, and to have us all in fear so we do not have the mind to see the real picture. My condolences to the families hurt in this tragedy. We must not let the media and those chosen to speak for us control our minds, but open your mind and eyes real wide and listen real close, for not all is the way it is... AND WE ARE NOT DUMB UNDERMINED HUMANS

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    The Boston attack is more likely to be a home grown terrorist crime rather than something planned by a foreign power. The perpetrators will be caught.

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    Oh- the Police WILL find out who did it... Sooner or Later, They ALWAYs Do... :)

  • Nazia
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    8 years ago

    inside job...........CIA and Obama.....do you think some crazy arab terrorists could pull off such an act under such tight security

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