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How to get my mom out of my business?

My mom is always getting into everything. I understand she wants to feel included but she does not know where to draw the line. I am a 14 year old girl , will be 15 in exactly one month and 6 days, and my mom must know the passwords to my facebook instagram and twitter. she wants to know why I don't want to tell her anything anymore, but shes so nosy. sometimes she takes my phone and reads through my messags like today. how do I let her know she needs to respect my privacy and trust me more

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    You have a great mom. A caring mom. A protective mom.

    If I had a mom like that, I wouldn't have had unwise teen sex, dabbled with recreational drugs and I probably would have got better grades. I would have developed a solid foundation as a person which would have helped me my entire life. I would have been taught early to make the right decision and not the impulse decision. But, I didn't have a mom like that. My mom stayed out of my business.

    Give her a break. She's a good mom. She loves you. You'll thank her for this in 10 years - I promise you that.

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