boyfriend and i broke up but still act like we are together?

so my boyfriend and i have been together a year and a half and he broke up with me just this week. he said he still loves me alot just not as much as he used to and doesnt know why. he says he cant give me all the love that i give him back ? we do live together and he said he didnt want me to move out but that if i wanted to then hes okay with that. he also said he wouldnt stop talking to me at all or stop seeing me. hes been acting like we never broke up, he still wants to hug me kiss me tells me he loves me all day long . calls me his bear his huggy bear and all the nicknames hes called me. we still do pretty much everything together. i asked him yesterday just because i was curious of what he would say , so i asked him what we were and he replied with we are just friends honey bear . he also mentioned how hes very close to me and im his best friend and always will be. he was talking about moving up state to washington to see if he can get a better job and asked if i was okay with him moving. i told him no that i would miss him alot and that while we were together he was up there for 6 months and that i was still healing from that. he then said his aunt might let him stay there until he can get a place and said he doesnt know if she would let me stay there. ( she told me i could a long time ago) . and he said he wants me to go up there with him. now i ask him if he thinks he will ever get his love for me thats missing back and he says he really hopes so and that he wants me in his life forever. and that i will always be his baby girl and his love. he also said that hopefully its just that he needs time to grow but he doesnt know how or if he can fix it but that hes going to try because he loves me so much. but he also said that if things dont work out that i need to be okay and willling to not put my life on hold.

any advice/ personal expierence from male and females? we both dont want to give up so please no rude comments ! thanks yall

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  • 8 years ago

    I think some of it is just that you guys have been together for so long that he doesn't know any other way to treat you anymore.

    I really do think that he still cares about you, and he really does just need time to grow as a person.

    Like the other person said, never let yourself become a plan B, and don't use him as one.

  • 8 years ago

    I guess he has realized how much he appreciates you.

    Try to talk to him and see where it goes if you still like him. If not, move on.

    Remember, whatever you do, DO NOT use him as a plan B and DO NOT allow yourself to be used as one.

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  • SGM
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    8 years ago

    Question: Are you still giving him sex? If so, then you know that's why he is leading you on.

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