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Do you want Pro Wrestling to continue its decline (more inside)?

I have seen some UFC fights, but am not a fan as they can get boring at times. I prefer wrestling promotions (like TNA, ROH, CMLL) as that's what I grown up on. I don't want to see a bunch of cage fighting (no offense) as the replacement for the (scripted) pro wrestling. Call me what you want, but I am a wrestling fan that wants wrestling to succeed.

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    WWE's failure to create or move anybody past the glass ceiling is the reason for this decline. Look at the past 13 years.....can you honestly say that WWE made anybody new? No you can't and having to resort to bringing back people who have no desire to be full time only makes the situation worst. It's kind of sad that Wrestlemania now has to draw solely on the Undertaker streak now......building the biggest and most important PPV around a guy who should of retired 4 years ago.

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