How can I be brave enough to sing?

Okay. Every year my school holds a talent show. I want to compete but im way too shy. My friends tell me IM a good singer but Im not sure if I am or not....when I go to sing I:



Feel dizzy


And I really want to compete.....can someone help me overcome this? Or at least give me some good tips? Thanks!

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    8 years ago
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    Personally, I don't sing, even though I would like to and I'm trying to teach myself. However, I have been playing trumpet for five years, so I know where you're coming from. I still get nervous, but I think I'm starting to overcome the shaking and everything.

    Firstly, realize that it's a good thing you're nervous. It means you care about how you sound and care about the skill of singing. Secondly, realize that people want you to succeed. Many people think that the audience wants them to crash and burn, but that is far from what they really want to see from you. The main thing is to stay positive. As soon as negative thoughts cross your mind, you'll get worried. Therefore, stay positive and tell yourself this is what you are meant to do. Think 'EMPOWERMENT'! I like the show Glee, and the lead character Rachel Berry said something that went like this: "I may mot be a typical female beauty and be a supermodel and I may not write the next Great American Novel, but I know that if you give me a stage to sing on, I'm confident no one can beat me." This talent show is your chance to shine and your moment to show others what you can do. You may regret not taking the chance to show others your talent. Just be confident and give them your all! Good luck! :D

    Edit: Oh, and even if something does happen and you do make a mistake, don't freak out! Just continue singing and show them all you've got.

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