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Do PINK bras run small?

I ordered a 30a from PINK last night (2 actually...) and I pray it fits.... Do you think it will? I wear a 34a in Justice, but their sizes run small...? I think. Will this fit?

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    you mean Victoria secret's brand PINK right?

    i would recommend going in and having them try a couple on you. they treat u like royalty they have lots of bras and they are great quality.

    and if it is PINK it is expensive another reason to go try some one.

    Source(s): i shop get all my bras there
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    Every company runs differently.... so just because in Justice you are one size does not mean that in Pink you will be another..... If they don't fit just go to the closest store and get the right size. it is always best to get measured in a store before buying any bra's.... I use to get my bra's from Victoria Sec rite's and They said I was a 36DD there bra's hurt my back..... I went to a VERY Expensive specialty store and got measured per my doctors recommendation and found out that I am a 40 F or 40DDD so....

    I would see if they fit but dont MAKE them fit you... you can end up in lots of pain.

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    A bras size has nothing to do with the color

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