Which Walking Dead character do you hate most?

and WHY?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Hmmmm...this is a hard one....the most obvious is the Governor. Fortunately, in season 4 he will get his...but in the due time he takes out Hershel...so i hate him even more.

    Characters i hate:

    5) Andrea- not true to the comic character and seemed a little "the world against me" theorist...I guess Milton solved that little problem.

    4) Shane- he was a prick who was overcomed by craziness. A lot of focus on poor Rick's craziness while not much was said about Shane who become a psychopath killer. Of course, Rick and Carl solved that problem.

    3) Allen- the prick in Tyrese's group. That guy was an ****** from the very beginning, and his son was a piece of **** too. Fortunately the Governor and Merle solved those two annoying problems.

    2) Carol's husband- what a douche! Thanks to the walkers problem solved.

    1) Jenner- how can you be so spineless and not think to work out the problem. Not a true scientist thinking here, a group survives and shows up on your front door, then you decide to give up. What a prick, thanks to the bomb to solve that annoying problem.

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