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It is not really an "affair" since he's not married or dating anyone, nor am i. We are secretly dating. He's 25 i'm 21. I really really like him and we've been together for like 5 months.

In workplace, he's very serious, calculating and cold. He's kinda intimidating but very VERY hard working. although many female workers have admitted they're attracted to him since he's also very handsome and charming. What shocks me is how different he is when we're alone than in work. He's sososo protective, lovable and has a great sence of humour. Like he's the only guy who's able to crack me up a smile in my saddest moment.

It was the other day i lost my virginity to him and this made us even more attatched. In work we would grin at each other or give us looks when noones watching. Also, i love it when noones around and i feel a quick kiss on my cheek, i turn around and i see him, he'll be like "what, that was not me" and walk away. He's the best and are going quite serious.

Prob is, should i have to move from work? i don't want any gossips between workers going around. Also, i don't want to end our relationship since i really love him. Are we doing something wrong? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    if the job isnt a big deal... find a new one...

    i dont think its wrong per say but he will get fired.

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    Yes, you're doing something very wrong. He could get fired. You could get fired. I've seen it happen a dozen times. It sounds like your relationship is more important than your job, so for your protection (and his), one of you needs to resign. Or, stop dating.

    This isn't my "opinion." I'm an executive leader with a lot of HR experience. My advice is based on fact.

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    i think you should talk to him about it .. cus you are right... they would talk and it wouldnt be pretty...

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